Product Description

New East India Company is the leading manufacturer and exporter of finest Coco Peat from INDIA.

Also known as (Coir Bales, Coconut
Coir Blocks, Compressed Coir Blocks, Coco Blocks, Coco Bales, Cocopeat Blocks, Cocopeat Bales).

Cocopeat (Coir) blocks is a compressed 100% Coir growing medium

Is used for hydroponic and soil amendment

Cocopeat is 100%% eco friendly use alone as a soilless medium, increases moisture and air retention and loosens hard-pan soil.

Disease weed pest free

New East India Company’s Coir Blocks are supplied across all our markets as a bulk product. The block comes shipped in a compressed format using dehydrated coir pith, coconut husk chips or coir fibres; these can be made to order in an optimum mixture to suit the customer requirements. To rehydrate coir blocks, water is added, and the coir absorbs it, causing the block to swell and expand out into the loose coir growing media.

The main uses of our coir blocks are as a bulk mixing product for leading international retail and professional potting soil companies, who depend upon us for supplying consistent high quality coir with high rehydration volume, with uniform physical properties and chemical properties in line with our unwashed, washed or buffered grades. The rehydrated coir is often repacked for retail or mixed with fertilisers to add value to the blocks; or mixed with other growing media such as peat moss, wood fibres and bark for a wide range of retail applications.

Directions: let coir block soak in a large container with 25 liters of water for 15 minutes ready to use.


Approx Block Dimension
30 x 30 x 10 cm
Average Unit Weight
5 Kgs
75 to 80.
Below 0.5 @ 1:1.5 dil
5.8 to 6.8